The China Glass “Nan” Dynasty Vase Water Pipe


A flared mouthpiece and diffused downstem make the Nan Dynasty Water Bong one clean hitter. Nan wears the infamous red China Glass logo showing everyone that you know good glass. A 45 degree, 14.5mm polished female joint make this 15-inch tall porcelain goddess one you’ll want to customize. Always be sure to use only finely cut herb to fill Nan’s bowl, or use your favorite grinder to ensure maximum flavor optimization.

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If you’re a collector of only the finest in quality glassware, this is a piece you need! The brilliant minds at China Glass have created one of the most beautiful conversational water pipes this side of Asia.


The Nan Dynasty Water Bong comes in a choice of three color options: Black/Gold, Black/Blue, or classic Chinese Porcelain White/Blue. But, no matter which color you choose you’ll receive a matching 14.5mm glass male bowl which is perfect for your favorite herbal refreshment.


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