The China Glass “Cao Cao” Dynasty Vase Water Pipe by Dope Boo


It’s so beautiful that guests might think it’s just a vase for flowers (not the dried kind)! This pipe comes with a 14mm 45 degree glass bowl that’s also a diffused downstem, making cleaning a breeze with this pipe.

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Get ready to turn heads with this Cao Cao Dynasty vase water pipe, from The China Glass. While we may have had prejudices before about glass pipes coming from China (and in many instances still do with certain vendors), glass pipes from The China Glass company are handmade from only the finest glass that’s built to withstand high heat for long periods of time.

These pipes are altogether beautiful, durable and original in their design and craftsmanship. Available in ivory and white, black with gold finishings, or black with gold accents, this Cao Cao pipe is a perfect water pipe to have on your living room table for daily use or bring out for special occasions.



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