Sugar Cane AAAA (HY) 28g Strain by Get Kush

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Sugar Cane Strain: An Introduction

If pandas could smoke weed, I’m sure Sugar Cane Weed would be their top choice.  Lucky for us, pandas don’t smoke cannabis, so there is more of this tasty bud for us humans!

The Sugar Cane strain is a hybrid (60% Sativa / 40% Indica) with an average THC of 20%, making it a perfect morning or afternoon smoke.

This cannabis strain got its origins when the Platinum strain was crossed with the Slurricane strain (Purple Punch x Dosidos).

Sugar Cane Strain: Appearance

These buds are very light in nature. Not in weight, but in color.  Sugar Cane weed have light green buds with light orange hairs. The buds themselves are extremely dense, yet maintain a fluffy nature, similar to Lucky Charms marshmallows.  The highly- resinous white trichomes cake the buds making them super sticky.

Sugar Cane Strain: Scent

Sugar Cane weed commonly exhibits a sweet and fruity aroma when smelling the flowers. Upon breaking up the buds, many report earthy scents with pungent and herbal undertones.

Sugar Cane Strain: Taste

By looking at its name, you might expect Sugar Cane weed to be sweet.  Well, you’re not wrong! This cannabis strain tastes of sweet candy, with a bit of spice to it. Some phenotypes even give off a hint of grape flavor.

Sugar Cane Strain: Positive Effects

At the onset of smoking this weed, the user will experience a cerebral high than then subsides and eases into a light body buzz.

Users report high levels of creativity and energy.  This is perfect since Sugar Cane weed boosts happiness and moods.  Relaxation and hunger are also common effects of this cannabis strain.

Sugar Cane Strain: Medical Benefits

Medical marijuana patients use this strain to combat fatigue and a loss of appetite.  Other uses include for easing of minor aches and pains. The Sugar Cane strain is also known to relieve symptoms of stress and depression.

Sugar Cane Strain: Side Effects

The good thing about this cannabis strain is that it has very low reports of side effects.  Apart from the minor dry mouth and eyes that can be expected, not much can be said here, which is a good thing!

Sugar Cane Strain: Grow Information

Flowering indoors for the Sugar Cane strain is around 9-10 weeks.  This strain can be grown outdoors as well. Depending on the space and grower, you can expect a medium to high yield.

Sugar Cane Strain: In Conclusion

One of the tastiest cannabis strains on the market, Sugar Cane weed is amazing! The bag appeal of the buds is just as nice.  The sweet and candy flavor is sure to turn this into one of your favorites. Just make sure to keep your buds away from and Pandas!



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