Stanley Long-Bong by Dope Boo

$3,079.00 $2,985.00

Because the pipe-makers don’t expect you to hide this masterpiece out of sight, it also includes a cap to contain any lingering aromas when it’s not in use. Unlike other high end designs, this epic pipe comes in discreet no-frills packaging, so your payment goes entirely toward high quality materials instead of the box you’ll be tossing. It also comes with everything you need to keep it squeaky clean, and breaks down for thorough access. Anyone else tempted to slip some eucalyptus in the décor-worthy tube to keep your place green between puffs? What can’t this tour de force pipe pull off?

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Are you ready for this pièce de résistance? The Stanley Long Bong is elbowing-out board game night in favor of a more aah-worthy activity for friends. Get the crew together to build it up, and celebrate the finishing touch with one powerful puff.

The hand-crafted crystal glass bulb holds an unmatched 8.1 liters of water for maxed-out filtration at a height just shy of 60 inches. Interchangeable mouthpieces can be assigned to each friend with their own color to pop in and out as you take turns ripping the long bong, and pop ‘em right into the dishwasher when you’re done.



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