Genius Water-Free Dab Rig by Genius Pipe

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The Water-Free Dab Rig doesn’t need water to deliver an amazing experience and packs a powerful punch. Our patented dimple design creates millions of micro vortices with every breath. These vortices act as a super clever filter that cleans and cools – providing the world with the amazing, water-free dab experience.

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Elegantly packaged in a collector’s worthy box, the Water-Free Dab Rig is about to change the world of dabbing. Choose from the High Expectations or Gadget Genius Pipe, a Genius Taster v.2, a Grinder Slider v.2 and two acrylic concentrate containers.

From the moment you open the box, you know that your dabbing experience is about to change forever. The Water-Free Dab Rig, a Genius x V Syndicate collaboration, is designed for anyone who enjoys using concentrated material in one convenient package.


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