Diamond Glass Bubble Barrel to UFO Perc Straight Tube by Smoke Cartel


  • 90 Degree Joint
  •  Borosilicate Glass
  •  Branded Glass
  •  Domed Showerhead Perc
  •  Fixed Downstem
  •  Flared Mouthpiece
  •  Highest Quality Materials
  •  Implosion Marble Accent
  •  Includes Bowl
  •  Lip Wrapped
  •  Showerhead
  •  Showerhead Perc
  •  Straight Tube
  •  Thick Glass

What’s in the box:

  •  Diamond Glass Bubble Barrel to UFO Perc Straight Tube
  •  Matching Dry Herb Bowl
  •  Free, Fast Shipping (in the US)
  •  Discrete Packaging
  •  100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  •  Expert Product Support


Old school, straight tube bongs like the kind your hippy grandparents may have used are now ancient relics. With the release of Diamond Glass’s Bubble Barrel to UFO Perc Straight Tube bong, things are far better for today’s bong smokers.

When you use this bong with the fixed reinforced downstem that leads to the bubble barrel perc, you’ll get silky smooth, powerful, and tasty bong hits.

This Diamond Glass bong comes with a 18mm male glass bowl . It stands 15″ high and has a wide thick base for extra stability.

The innovative bubble barrel percolator has an ultra-modern design that looks like a wedge of Swiss cheese. This perc has been designed to provide extra filtration and diffusion of the smoke as it passes through the water before it moves up into the UFO perc that’s in the central chamber.

The Bubble Barrel to UFO Perc Straight Tube Bong has a out-of-this world design with color matching parts including the rim base, flared mouthpiece & handle, perc, and the Maria ring on the neck.

To finish off this awesome design, there’s a Diamond Glass gold decal on the bong’s side. This is a straight tube bong that puts to shame those old straight tube bongs of days gone by. Treat yourself to this amazing Diamond Glass bong and enjoy using it for years to come.

This bong with a 18mm female joint, is available in two color accents: purple or topaz.


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