Cobalt Blue Pipe by Genius Pipe

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Includes: One Genius TruTaste screen and EVOLUTION Slider. Ready-to-Use.

Name: “Cobalt Blue”
Release Date: 07/27/18
Version: 5.0

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Cobalt has  been known for thousands of years, first being used in Chinese porcelain. Made famous in 1802 by French chemist Louis Jacques Thenard, cobalt blue color was popularized  by painters such as  Turner,  Renoir,  Monet  and  Van Gogh for its vibrant and rich tone.  Cobalt blue has a depth of pureness which is incomparable to any other in the spectrum and we are proud to add this stunning color to our line. Super simple to use and care, Cobalt Blue Genius comes all ready to use and is guaranteed to become your favorite companion on your life’s journey.


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