Boundless Terp Pen by M.A.K Glass

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The Terp Pen by Boundless is an open coil based dab system, this makes it ideal for using as a nectar collector. The Terp Pen utilizes 2 ceramic coils, ensuring clean, flavourful hits. The device is inhale activated, so it starts working as soon as you draw. There is a 10 second timer to prevent overheating, so if you’d like a larger hit make sure to pause during your hit. With this device you can vape out of a jar or off of your dab tool for a true nectar collector experience. You can also preheat your unit by drawing, melt a little bit of extract roughly the size of a rice grain onto the coils and draw again – this is ideal for those monitoring their doses. This pen-sized device is perfect for beginners or experts and is available in black and silver.


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